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Rock Park Arabians

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Tentative Show 2007 Show Schedule:
(Please make sure to let me know ahead of time if you are interested in competing at a show.  Entries need to be sent in well in advance of the actual show date.)
June 8-10.  Twin States, Deerfield, NH.
June 17.  Carriage Town, Amesbury, MA.
June 24.  Silver Heels, Freemont, NH.
July 8.  North Shore, Chester,NH.
July 15.  Rye Lions, Rye, NH.  OR Highview Show, Acton, ME.
August 10-12.  NH Arab, Deerfield, NH.
August 24-16.  NEPOBA, Deerfield, NH.
September 23.  North Shore, Chester, NH.

Rock Park Arabians
237 Longswamp Road
Berwick, Maine
603.944.3622 -cell
207.698.1046 -barn